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The sequel to “Last Airbender”: “Legend of Korra”

Don’t let the anime visuals and panned live-action remake fool you: “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is great TV. It rivals “Lord of the rings” in epic-ness and easily trumps it in character development. Now there is news about a sequel mini-series called “The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra”.


TV mini-series: Emma (2009)

Emma” [,,] is a BBC TV mini-series based on the Jane Austen classic.


Two sci-fi shows you should give a chance

Here are two underappreciated sci-fi shows that I enjoy watching:
  • Fringe [uk]: The first season is a bit uneven, but towards the end of that season, an overall story emerges. Since then, it has become really great.
  • Stargate Universe [uk]: Unusually for the Stargate franchise, this one has a relatively slow pace. I find it refreshingly different.
In both cases, the cast and the production values are excellent.


    Great TV: Friday night lights

    I don’t understand American football and usually don’t like sports-themed movies. But Friday night lights (FNL) is different, because it offers a compelling portrayal of the people involved in football and how it affects them and their relationships. Furthermore, many other topics are also covered, in a manner typical of good American TV: while the “classics” are there (doping, alcohol, first sex), FNL stays fresh, avoids preachiness, takes its time to tell its story and does so with well-developed characters. Recommended and currently relatively cheap on Amazon UK.