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  • JavaScript for programmers: all blog posts that explain the fundamentals of ECMAScript 5 have been turned into the book “Speaking JavaScript”. Check it out, it’s free online.
    • Complementary material: At the end of the homepage of Speaking JavaScript, there is a section that lists material that complements the book, including a few 2ality blog posts.
  • ECMAScript 6: the meta blog post “Using ECMAScript 6 today” gives an overview of the next version of JavaScript and links to posts with in-depth information.


The majority of the posts on 2ality cover the following topics:

  • Web, web development and JavaScript
  • Mobile computing in general
  • Social media

But this blog also branches out into less technical subjects such as movies and psychology. There are four labels that are used to classify all posts:

  • dev: software development, hacks
  • computers: for end-users – mobile computing, social media, software, hardware
  • scitech: technology, science, research, ecology, non-computer gadgets and tools
  • life: movies, tv, psychology, society, business, language, fun

Finding more interesting content

  • Labels: for finding content by keyword
    • List of all labels: left sidebar
    • Labels of current post: under the headline
  • Most popular posts: left sidebar
  • All posts, by year and month: left sidebar

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