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Video: JavaScript coding tips

The following video is a recording of the talk “JavaScript coding tips”, which I held 2014-05-16 at the Sud Web Conference in Toulouse, France.


  • See how I feel about comma first style (I was much meaner than I remember). I don’t personally like it, but I respect how creatively it solves a problem.
  • Hear me speak French after the talk.


1 comment:

Axel Rauschmayer said...

Hi Rolf, Thank you very much for taking the time to create the step by step guide and the .xml. I've just got my R700 and it didn't work after I followed the guide. What I found out was that my presenter has a different productID, namely 0xc52d. Changing it in the xml and reloading helped. Hope this helps somebody :)
Also you don't have to search for the place where Karabiner saves the .xml as it's developer added the button for opening the xml in Misc & Uninstall tab.