Intercepting method calls via ES6 Proxies

This blog post explains how to use ES6 Proxies to intercept method calls to an object.

Read chapter “Meta programming with proxies” in “Exploring ES6” for more information on Proxies.


Enumerability in ECMAScript 6

Enumerability is an attribute of object properties. This blog post explains how it works in ECMAScript 6.

Let’s first explore what attributes are.


Concatenating Typed Arrays

Typed Arrays don’t have a method concat(), like Arrays do. The work-around is to use the method

    typedArray.set(arrayOrTypedArray, offset=0)


ES6: methods versus callbacks

There is a subtle difference between an object with methods and an object with callbacks.


Customizing ES6 via well-known symbols

In ECMAScript 6, the object Symbol has several properties that contain so-called well-known symbols (Symbol.iterator, Symbol.hasInstance, etc.). These let you customize how ES6 treats objects. This blog post explains the details.


__proto__ in ECMAScript 6

The property __proto__ (pronounced “dunder proto”) has existed for a while in most JavaScript engines. This blog post explains how it worked prior to ECMAScript 6 and what changes with ECMAScript 6.


ECMAScript 6: holes in Arrays

This blog post describes how ECMAScript 6 handles holes in Arrays.